New Years Resolution...packaging?!

This time last year I was busily crafting a long list of the usual suspects and 'never to be seen again' resolutions...use the gym membership, read more books, cook more, learn a language, teach the nippers the guitar and one new entrant - start a business. Well it might be dead small, but at least I'm on with that last one!

As 2019 gets cracking I'm at it again, out comes the dusty 'resolution' book and off I go...cook one knock-out meal a week, get the kids playing the guitar, lay off the cheese (What am I on about?), hit the gym and give the nut business one almighty push! What needs to give to properly get stuck into all these bad boys? What is it about the 1st of Jan that has us all going nuts for lists and never-never promises? Pick one and do it well...

One work resolution I am determined to crack this year is finding a packaging solution for these nuts that 100% delivers for the planet. As a tiny start-up I launched the business with an industrially compostable pack but the reality of waste collection meant the vast majority of packs probably ended up in landfil and I had a big compromise on shelf-life.

I've now switched to a recycable paper and inner recyclable bag that guarantees product quality and shelf-life, allows easy seperation to drop into the relevant recycle bucket but eyes wide open to the fact only 25-75% of kerbside recycling will take the inner packaging. So what next?

Use less packaging but see it all go to landfil? Switch to cellulose but is that really any better? What about a tin or glass, recyclable but feels like a lot of material for a portion of nuts? With scale comes more options, so sit tight and switch when we're bigger?

It's an eco minefield at the moment littered with contradiction and agenda when all I really need to know is that my packaging isn't going to add to the waste black hole and sea of plastic. My search is on to ensure this isn't still sat on my 2020 list of empty promises

Answers on a postcard.

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