Vegan week...

Sunday 14th October - The day after the big website unveiling!

So, the nuts have finally launched and I've spent the best part of the day refreshing the order page on my mobile eagerly awaiting nut seekers while marching between sports shops and M&S looking for size 12 trainers for the kids. What now? Start the big sales drive? Hunt down nut hungry customers in the street? No, because I've forgotten about the challenge I laid down on Friday...become a strict Vegan for the week from Monday!

Aside from dropping this on my unsuspecting family last minute (and crucially only moments after the 'big shop' full of meat and dairy arrived from Sainsbury's), I'm without a plan and still somewhat puzzled as to why an avocado is technically 'not Vegan'

Next stop, the Vegan Society website to find an emergency weekly meal plan, some basic tips on the pitfalls to avoid and a key ingredient which seems critical for maintaining my caffeine levels, oat milk! I now have the information but far from ready.

I’m looking ahead at the next 7 days and it’s cheese that’s on my mind. 7 whole days without this fattening yet tasty vice that has been my food partner in crime for as long as I can remember, so much so that I’ve had the affectionate title of ‘Cheese Lord’ during periods of peak consumption.

I suspect I’ll be working my way through several kilograms of Kernel Hot Cheeze in the week ahead.

Week as a Vegan to follow…

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