The Nut Show


An idea born in the kitchen...

Introducing a flavour packed combination of Cashews and Peanuts inspired by the explosion in craft beer.

The Kernels bring big, bold flavours, vibrant, hand crafted design and 100% recyclable packaging to the often forgotten world of nuts.

Batches of limes, chilli's, pepper, more chilli's, sea salt and a host of other ingredients formed the set list for weeks of kitchen experiments in the oven with peanuts and cashews

All resulting in some big, moreish flavours that with a little expert help have quickly become Kernel Pepper, Kernel Fury and Kernel Mexicano

Add to that, unique hand illustrated packaging that can go straight into your recycling bin and these crafty nuts are complete.

Oh and they're completely Vegan friendly and packed with protein

Welcome to the Nut Show